2012 New Holland Agriculture T4 Series PowerStar™ - T4.75


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New Holland Agriculture
T4 Series PowerStar™ - T4.75


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Pre tier 4 emissions !


Tractors Created by Customer Innovation

New Holland PowerStar™ tractors are for today's work using tomorrow's technology.

Farm raised, farmer designed.

Farmers, dreamers, and customers have led New Holland Agriculture to create the next generation of utility tractors with features and performance that open the customers eyes. Comfort, space, efficient and user friendly are just some of the words that will develop in the operators mind.

One tractor for many jobs!

PowerStar Series tractors are available in three horsepower models which allow you to customize the features that matter to your operation. Select your choice of transmission - including power shuttle options, a high visibility panel for loader work, and even an instructor seat in this range cab. These tractors work hard from bailing hay, feeding livestock, mowing grass, even to the daily loader chores.

Cab and Operator Platform Features
  • Best-In-Class Comfort: Whether you choose a PowerStar model with a spacious, flat-deck ROPS platform or factory-installed, all-weather cab, you get best-in-class visibility, comfort and operating ease. When you take your seat, there is no doubt that PowerStar tractors were designed with the operator in mind.
  • Cab Comfort Never Before Seen In A Utility Tractor: While the cabs on other utility tractors can be cramped, with little storage space or room to move, the optional ultra-quiet PowerStar cab takes operating comfort and ease to a new level. A wide threshold and two wide doors allow for easy access from either side. Take your seat and you’ll appreciate the spacious dimensions of your office on wheels. The flat floor provides ample legroom and you also have plenty of shoulder and head room. An optional air-ride seat swivels 15 degrees to the right for easy viewing implements to the rear. A large, comfortable cloth instructor seat is also a factory-installed option.
  • A 360-Degree View: Large panels of glass with thin, smartly placed support pillars give you outstanding 360-degree visibility. An optional high-visibility roof panel extends your view upward, providing a welcome view to the optional front loader. Night visibility is great too, so you can work productively at any hour. Two headlights, two roof-mounted worklights and two rear-mounted worklights illuminate your work area in front and back.
  • Tilting Wheel and Instruments: The steering wheel tilts and telescopes for optimum fit to each customer size. The instrument cluster is actually mounted on the steering column, tilting along with the steering wheel so you always have an easy view to the information you need.
  • Vents In All The Right Places: The PowerStar temperature control system simply can’t be beat. The high-performance heating and air conditioning system includes ten vents that provide air flow to both upper and lower portion of the cab and there are two vent to warm or cool your feet.
  • Convenient Controls Layout: Powerstar tractor design puts the controls where the operator needs them. The use of virtual reality and customer profile make operator fatigue virtually non-existent in the daily chores.
Front Loader Features
  • A Perfect Match: New Holland engineers designed the heavy-duty 655TL factory-installed loader expressly for T4 tractors. It works as the perfect extension of your PowerStar tractor.
  • Unmatched Visibility: Curved loader arms and shorter mounting bracket make nearly every loader movement within your sight. Now that makes sense! An optional high visibility panel is available in the cab to allow optimal sight of the loader when in the raised position.
  • Easy to Use: The conveniently located joystick control makes loader operation second nature. Optional mechanical self leveling keeps the bucket level through the loader’s entire lift range to reduce spilling and make operation simpler for you.
  • Easy Changes: The quick-attach design of 655TL loaders make mounting and removal a snap. Skid steer loader-style faceplate makes it easy to swap out buckets and attachments, too. Select a 72- or 84-inch bucket.
Engine Features
  • Reliable, Fuel-Efficient Power: PowerStar 195-cubic-inch, four-cylinder, turbo charged diesel engines rise to challenging conditions with smooth lugging power. You get the power you need for field PTO work, tough roadside mowing or heavy loader work.
  • Built-In Fuel Efficiency: In addition to meeting Tier III emissions standards, PowerStar engines allow you to use plain diesel , 100% biodiesel or anything in between. You’ll benefit from fuel flexibility while you help create cleaner air from fewer emissions and reduce imports of foreign oil. (Must meet ASTM 6751 Standards)
Hitch, PTO & Hydraulics Features
  • Power the Implements of Your Choice: Name the task, and PowerStar T4 Series tractors have the hydraulic capacity to tackle it.
  • Dual Hydraulic Pumps: Two hydraulic gear pumps generate a total tractor hydraulic flow of 19.8 gallons per minute (gpm)--26.4 gpm for tractors equipped with power shuttle: A 12.5–gpm implement gear pump supplies the three-point hitch, remote valves and optional loader; The dedicated 7.3–gpm fixed displacement steering pump (9.5 gpm with Power shuttle transmission), allows for responsive, low-effort steering and frees the main hydraulic pump for the work that needs to be done.
  • Remote Valves to Match Your Needs: Equip your PowerStar tractor with up to three rear remote valves to power rear implements. A mid-mount loader remote valve with dedicated joystick control accommodates a loader.
  • Three-Point Hitch: A 3,664-pound three-point hitch lift capacity allows you to handle heavy, mounted implements with ease. Telescoping stabilizers and flexible link ends are standard equipment to make implement hook-up a simple, one-person job. The mechanical draft control system uses lower link draft sensing for easy implement setup and control.
  • PTO Choices: A 540-rpm PTO is standard equipment, or choose a shiftable 540/540e economy PTO to save on fuel. It’s an option you won’t find on most other tractors of this size.
Transmission Features
  • Smooth Shifting and Shuttling: New Holland offers a wide selection of transmission choices for T4 utility tractors, so you can equip your PowerStar tractor to suit your operation. 8 x 8 Synchro shuttle transmission gives you two ranges with four synchronized gears in each range. 12 x 12 Synchro shuttle transmission provides three ranges with four synchronized gears in each range. Regardless of transmission choice a left-handed shuttle is included
  • New Hydraulic Power Shuttle: New Holland has created a simple, effective, affordable alternative to achieve easy, clutch-free shifting between forward and reverse. The new hydraulic power shuttle option is ideal for jobs with frequent direction changes, like loader and blade work. With the shuttle lever is located to the left of the steering wheel, shuttling is effortless and there’s no need to remove your left hand from the steering wheel. When you choose the hydraulic shuttle option, you also get the benefit of a wet PTO clutch for extended life.
  • Creeper Transmission: Choose an optional creeper range, on all transmission choices, for additional working gears with speeds below 1 mph.
  • Optional High-Speed Transport: Save time between jobs with a 24.8-mph (40-kph) top travel speed. It’s optional on models equipped with FWD axle. (Speeds will vary with tire selection)
Front Axle Features
  • 2WD or FWD Available: All three PowerStar tractor models are available with a 2WD or 4WD axle. The 2WD axle and heavy-duty 4WD axle adjust to adapt to a wide variety of applications.
  • On-Demand Traction: Mechanical rear differential lock gives you extra traction when you need it. Simply push down on the differential lock heel pedal to lock both rear wheels together for additional traction in slippery conditions.
  • Optional FWD Traction and Productivity: Choose the limited slip, front-wheel drive (4WD) axle option for added traction in slippery conditions. A FWD axle also enhances your productivity by increasing drawbar pull and reducing fuel consumption.
Maintenance Features
  • Easy Maintenance: T4 tractors make it easy to keep up with maintenance duties with convenient, ground-level service points.
  • Simple Fluid Checks: Engine and hydraulic oil check and fill points are easy to reach—without the need to open the hood—making routine service simpler.
  • Convenient Flip-Up Hood: The one-piece tractor hood glides open on a gas strut, providing quick, unobstructed engine access. The condenser and hydraulic oil cooler pull out easily for cleaning when needed.
  • Long Service Intervals: You not only spend less time on maintenance duties, you perform them less frequently. An extended 500-hour oil change interval means your PowerStar tractor spends more time where it belongs—on the job.
  • Customize Your PowerStar™ Tractor: Choose from a selection of optional equipment and dealer-installed accessories to make a PowerStar tractor truly your own.
  • Tire Choices: Select the tires best-suited for the work you do: R1 and R1W Radial Ag tread, R3 turf tread, R4 industrial tire, Galaxy “Turf Special” fine turf tires
  • Dealer-Installed Accessories: Your local New Holland dealer can outfit your PowerStar tractor with these accessories: Engine block heater, Telescopic cab mirrors, FOPS Canopy, Fiberglass canopy, Rear wiper and washer
Engine Specifications
  • Make: FPT
  • Model: F5C
  • Tier Rating: Tier 3
  • Number of Cylinders: 4-cylinder diesel
  • Rated PTO HP: 63
  • Engine HP: 74
  • Rated Speed (RPM): 2300
  • Displacement, cu. in. (L): 195 (3.2)
  • Battery, cca: 730
  • Alternator, amps: 120
  • Cold start aid: Grid Heater
  • Standard - Type: Mechanical Shuttle
  • Standard - Max Speed: 18.6 MPH (30 KPH)
  • Standard - # of Gears: 8x8
  • Optional: 12x12 mechanical shuttle
  • Optional: 12x12 hydraulic shuttle
  • Optional: 8x8 hydraulic shuttle
Front Axle
  • Standard Front axle type: 2 or 4WD
  • Tread spacing adjustment, in. (mm) - 2WD: 60.2 to 79.9 (1530 to 2030)
  • Tread spacing adjustment, in. (mm) - 4WD: 60.8 to 76.6 (1544 to 1945)
Rear Axle
  • Axle capacity, lbs. (kg): 8157 (3700)
  • Differential Lock Engagement: Mechanical
  • Tread spacing adjustment, in. (mm): 52.2 to 76.0 (1327 to 1930)
  • Type: Open center
  • Remote Valves Standard: 1
  • Optional Remote Valves: 2 or 3
  • Implement Standard flow, gpm (l/min) - Mechanical: 12.5 (47.5)
  • Implement Standard flow, gpm (l/min) - Power Shuttle: 12.5 (47.5)
  • Steering Pump Flow - Mechanical: 7.3 (27.5)
  • Steering Pump Flow - Power Shuttle: 9.5 (36)
  • Total Pump Flow - Mechanical: 19.8 (83.5)
  • Total Pump Flow - Power Shuttle: 19.8 (83.5)
3-Point Hitch
  • Category: II/I
  • Draft sensing: Top link
  • Std. ASAE lift capacity @ 24 in., lbs. (kg): 3664 lbs (1662 kg)
  • Link arms: Flexible
  • Stabilizers: Telescopic
  • Standard Type: 540 Fully independent
  • Optional: 540/540E Fully independent
  • Fuel tank, U.S. gal (L): 23.8 gal (90L)
  • Wheelbase (2WD) in. (mm): 83.3 (2140)
  • Wheelbase (4WD), in. (mm): 82.8 (2102)
  • Width, in. (mm): 75.7 (1922)
  • Length, in. (mm): 149.3 (3792)
  • Height to top of cab: 94.8 to 97.8 (2409 to 2484)
  • ROPS height (folded), in. (mm): 76 to 78.9 (1931 to 2006)
  • Platform type, cab / ROPS: Flat deck
Tire Options
  • R1 "General Farming"
  • R1W "General Farming"
  • R3 "All Weather"
  • R4 "Industrial"
  • Galaxy "Turf Special"



Engine Manufacturer
Engine Type
F5C 195 cu.in. (3.2 L) 4-cylinder diesel, Tier 3
74 hp
63 hp
Rated RPM
2300 rpm


2WD: 83.3 in. (2140 mm); 4WD: 82.8 in. (2102 mm)
Top of Cab: 94.8 to 97.8 in. (2409 to 2484 mm); ROPS (folded): 76 to 78.9 in. (1931 to 2006 mm)
75.7 in. (1922 mm)


Fuel Capacity
23.8 gal. (90 L)
Standard: Mechanical Shuttle 8x8
Type: Open center; Implement Standard Flow: 12.5 gpm (47.5 L/min.)