2008 Kubota B3030HSDC Compact Tractor with Cab




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B3030HSDC Compact Tractor with Cab


Dealer Insights

Nice tractor with full cab heat and a/c. Loader and mid mower also included. 756 hours.


  • 3-POINT-HITCH POSITION CONTROLS: This feature gives you more precise control of your rear implements.
  • TILT STEERING WHEEL: The Easy Step Tilt Steering Wheel provides a more comfortable driving position, the steering wheel tilts upward and downward.
  • SLANT NOSE HOOD: To further enhance access and entry/exit the PTO lever is located on the right side of the operator's seat (HST model), or to the right side of the deck center cover (gear-drive model).
  • MULTI-REFLECTIVE HEADLIGHTS: No matter when or where you're working, our new, multi-reflective headlights will let you see further and better.
  • RE-DESIGNED FRONT GRILLE: The newly designed front grille is a perfect match with the B2630 and B3030's slant-nose design. It's also easier to clean.
  • HYDROSTATIC POWER STEERING: This must-have feature provides nimble handling while greatly reducing fatigue during long hours of operation.
  • WIDELY SPACED FENDER: By setting rear fenders further apart, we created more space forthe operator. By angling control levers towards the operator, they're easier to reach. And enlarged lever guides make for easy control lever recognition.
  • HIGH-OUTPUT DIESEL ENGINE: To help you tackle tough jobs, the B2630 and B3030 deliver 26 and 30 gross engine horsepower, respectively.
  • HYDRAULIC INDEPENDENT PTO: An efficient feature that keeps you working, the hydraulic independent PTO lets you engage or disengage both mid and rear PTO without having to stop the tractor.
  • MORE POWERFUL HST: For increased efficiency, we made our new HST more powerful. For easier operation, there's only one pedal and we made it wider.
  • MECHANICAL CRUISE CONTROL: At any speed, cruise control allows you to smoothly set, increase/decrease, and override (depress HST pedal) pre-set speeds without resetting the cruise control lever.
  • Engine Tyep: E-TVCS liquid cooled, 4-cylinder diesel
  • Engine Make, Model: Kubota V1505-E2-D21-Q
  • Engine PTO Horsepower: 23.0 hp (17.1 kW)
  • Engine Gross Horsepower: 26.0 hp (19.4 kW)
  • Rated RPM: 2600
  • Bore and Stroke: 3.1x3.1in. (78x78.4 mm)
  • Total Displacement: 91.5 cu. in. (1498 cc)
  • Air Cleaner: Dual paper element
  • Lubrication: Forced Lubrication
  • Cooling System: Pressurized radiator
  • Radiator fan: Radial air flow
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 8.1 gal. (31 l)
  • Cooling System Capacity: 4.5 (4.3)
  • Engine Oil Capacity: 4.3 qts. (4.1 l)
  • Transmission Case Capacity: 4.76 gal. (18 l)
  • Transmission: HST (3 range)
  • Differential Lock: Standard
  • Final Drive: Spur gear
  • Brake: Multi-plate wet disc
  • PTO: Independent
  • PTO Rear: 540 rpm at 2592 engine rpm
  • PTO Mid: 2500 rpm at 2600 engine rpm
  • Hydraulic Type: Open Center
  • Hydraulic Pump: Dual pump
  • Hydraulic Total Pump Output: 9.1 gpm (34.5 l/min)
  • Hydraulic Outlet: Front outlet, Rear outlet
  • 3-point hitch: Category I
  • Hydraulic Control System: Position control valve
  • Lift Capacity at Lift Point: 2140 lbs. (970 kg)
  • Lift Capacity 24 in. behind LP: 1676 lbs. (760 kg)
  • Steering: Hydrostatic power steering
  • Standard Front Tire Size: '7-12
  • Standard Rear Tire Size: 12.4-16
  • Forward Traveling Speeds (at rated engine rpm): 0-12.1 mph (0-19.5 km/h)
  • Reverse Traveling Speeds (at rated engine rpm): 0-9.6 mph (0-15.5 km/h)
  • Overall Length (w/o 3P): 103.9 (2640)
  • Overall Width (min. tread): 53.8 in. (1366 mm)
  • Wheelbase: 65.6 in. (1666 mm)
  • Ground Clearance: 14.6 in. (370 mm)
  • Turning Radius with brake: 6.9 ft. (2.1 m)
  • Weight with ROPS: 2271 (1030)
Front Loader Attachment
  • Includes loader sub frame and grille guard
  • Single joystick control lever operation
  • 4-position control valve
  • Quick-attach design allows installation without tools
  • The quick-attach pins can be conveniently handled from the operator's seat
  • Braceless frame to provide you with optimum visibility
  • Slanted arm design allows better field of view
  • Control valve remains with tractor when loader is removed
  • Easy access for servicing tractor
  • Utilizes tractor hydraulics
  • Bucket level indicator on bucket
  • Compatible with mid mount mower
  • Built-in boom stands for easy removal
  • Optional attachemnts: Quick coupler; Pallet fork frame and 36 in. pallet forks; 54 in. and 60 in. pin-on/quick attach buckets
Backhoe Attachment
  • 4-point mount quick-attach convenience combined with rigid mount sturdiness
  • 2-lever control provides smooth, easy operation
  • Powered by the tractor hydraulics
  • Not compatible with B3030 HSDC cab model tractor
  • Compatible with front loaders and mid-mount mowers (performance matched system)
  • All hoses are routed through backhoe arm
  • Sub-frame doesn't interfere with the mid-mount mower linkage, there is no need to remove the sub frame
Mid-Mount Mower Attachment
  • Quick mount system
  • Deep deck design for increased mowing capacity and air flow
  • Multi-belt, utilizing a spring loaded idler pulley
  • Automatic belt tension
  • Easy to open belt cover for belt inspection
  • RCK60-30B
  • The 72" deck has the drive-over feature for easy installation and removal
  • High clearance transport position makes loader compatibility easy (performance matched system)
  • Gauge Wheel Adjusted Cutting Heights from 1.5" - 4.0" in 0.5" Increments
  • Three Adjustable Anti-Scalp Rollers, 1 Single Roller in Front and 2 Single Rollers in Rear
  • Durable Drive Shaft to Mid PTO of Tractor
  • Compatible with LA403 front loader
  • Compatible with 3-Point Hitch Mounted Implements and BH75 backhoe subframe
Front Mount Two-Stage Snowblower Attachment
  • Connects to Quick Hitch Subframe System B2791
  • Ideal for cleaning snow from driveways, roads, parking lots, etc.
  • Operates from tractor's mid-PTO
  • Standard manual chute rotator, optional hydraulic rotator, requires B2325 valve or loader valve.
  • Heavy duty skid shoes
  • Reversible bolt-on cutting edge
  • Optional electric chute deflector kit
  • Compatible with loader subframe "Performance Matched System"
  • Optional 3-point rear mount snowblower conversion kit available (model BL2583)
Power Angle Front Blade Attachment
  • Easy-to-reach hydraulic joystick lever controls blade raise/lower/float and power angle positions
  • Compact and rigid subframe design
  • Connects to quick hitch sub-frame system B2791
  • 60 in. and 72 in. hydraulic angle blades (requires B2325 4-position valve)
  • Optional rubber edge for both 60 in. and 72 in. blades
  • Trip spring or rigid lock blade operation
  • Power angle standard
Rotary Sweeper Attachment
  • Connects to Quick Hitch Subframe System B2791
  • Operates from tractor's mid-PTO using B2792 (ROPS) or B2793 (cab) mid PTO driveline kit
  • Ideal for cleaning snow from driveways, roads, parking lots, etc.
  • Hydraulic lift, lower, and power angle standard
  • Requires B2325 valve or loader valve
  • Heavy duty construction for extended durability
  • Gauge wheel for brush pressure to ground contact
  • Brush type, polypropylene (poly-steel optional through Parts)
  • Brush diameter, 22 inches
Box Scraper Attachment
  • Designed to handle a wide range of landscaping and earthmoving jobs
  • Special curved maxi-load moldboards allow the dirt to flow free and unobstructed
  • Heat-treated drawbar pins and bushings
  • Heat-treated scarifier shanks with replaceable points
  • Reversible cutting edges
  • Positive lock, prevents loss of scarifiers
  • L7551 - rollover scraper makes curved moldboard and wings available for backfilling, increases capacity
Rotary Tiller Attachment
  • Heavy-Duty Drive
  • Slip Clutch
  • Heat Treated Tines
  • Offset Position Available
  • Cat. I 3-Point Hitch
  • Skid Shoe Depth Control
  • FL1021RC and FL1271RC - Reverse Cut Feature for Smoother Seedbed Preparations in hard ground conditions
Post Hole Digger Attachment
  • Designed for Category I 3-Point Hitch
  • Shear Bolt Protection
  • Three Auger Sizes (6 in., 9 in., 12 in.)
  • Digging Depth 45 in. (1143 mm)
  • Can be controlled from operator's seat with 3 Pt. Hitch



Engine Manufacturer
Engine Type
Type: ETVCS liquid cooled, 4-cylinder diesel; Make, Model: Kubota V1505-E2-D21-Q; Displacement: 91.5 cu. in. (1498 cc)
30.0 hp (22.4 kW)
23.0 hp (17.1 kW)
Rated RPM
2600 rpm
Bore and Stroke
3.1x3.1 in. (78x78.4 mm)


65.6 in. (1666 mm)
53.8 in. (1366 mm) Min. tread
2271 lbs. (1030 kg)
Ground Clearance
14.6 in. (370 mm)
Tire Size
Front: '7-12; Rear: 12.4-16


Fuel Capacity
8.1 gal. (31 l)
HST (3 Range)
Multi-plate wet disc
Type: Open center; Pump: Dual pump; Total pump output: 9.1 gpm (34.5 l/min); Outlet: Front outlet, Rear outlet; 3-point hitch: Category I; Control System: Position control valve; Lift Capacity at Lift Point: 2140 lbs. (970 kg); Lift Capacity 24 in. Behind LP: 1676 lbs. (760 kg)
Drive Type
Spur gear